martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Tuto_Addon_Property chart_lista de luces(ENG SUB)

Tutorial sobre como hacer una lista de luces para modificar o copiar propiedades, usando el Add-on Property chart.

Tutorial about how to make a light list to easily modified or copy properties among the selection, just using the Property Chart add-on

4 comentarios:

  1. hello, very interesting addon, i can not see any working download link.

    can you please put it available for download?
    I really liked to test it for a project that i am making.


  2. the addon comes with blender, if the official version dosn´t have it, you can download it from

  3. hello,
    The link is broke, can you seen another one?

  4. I check the link in the wiki, yes it seems to be broken, i already put a coment at the bug traker, unfortunately i cant fix it, lets see what happens.
    For the moment you can download builds from
    The builds from that site should download with all the contribs addons, the only time were you download from there without contribs addons its the week of an official new release.